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Local Superintendents Meet with Illinois Representatives

Oregon, IL – Superintendents from Lee and Ogle County met yesterday with Illinois State Representative Tom Demmer and Illinois State Senator Tim Bivins in an effort to strengthen the relationship between schools and state level government.

The Superintendents hope that this will lead to a stronger relationship with local officials whose recent political and budgetary decisions have been widely publicized. Yesterday’s initial meeting was held to discuss the purpose, share beliefs between the two state legislators and area superintendents and outline the structure of the partnership between the two groups.

PJ Caposey, Superintendent of Schools for Meridian CUSD, an area district that has had significant financial issues noted, “This is a start – we are not expecting our two representatives to be able to change all of the dynamics that exist at the state level, but the least we can do as a superintendent for our districts is to make sure that we have a clear line of communication with our representatives.” Tom Mahoney, Superintendent of Oregon Community Unit School District added, “We want a voice and we want to make sure we publicly acknowledge our representatives when they stay current with what is happening in our schools and allow us to stay current with what is happening in Springfield. We want this to be a true partnership.”

Local superintendents hope for future involvement from public officials, including regular in-person and phone communication with local legislators, contact before all educational legislation is voted upon and proactive discussions about policy that would benefit education in the region. In return for this effort, superintendents will publish a report card noting the performance of their local State Senator and State Representatives in order to promote the partnership.

Representative Demmer commented, “It was a great meeting. We are excited to work with our local school leaders in an organized and structured manner to best serve the students of our community,” about this new form of a partnership.